Iraq Economy

US Embassy in Baghdad for the Protection of DFI
Struggling Iraq economy is being supported by the United States even after seven years of the establishment of the current democratic government. In the absence of all kinds of Iraq structure, skilled man power and technology things are still very challenging for Iraq. Uncontrollable law and order situation is fuel to the fire in the current scenario. Continue reading

Iraq Current Oil Export Capacity

iraq oil capacityWorld Fuel demands are increasing day by day. OPEC is looking towards oil productions of Iraq to share the international supplies. At the same time when Iraq needs more oil exports, sectarian and political issues are increasing in the country. According to the news posted on 27th May 2013, the average oil production in May was 2.6 barrels per day. Continue reading

Colony for Workers in Zubair OilField

zubair oilfieldA lot of development projects have started in Iraq. In all the sectors especially in the oil field. The revenue generated by the oil sales is the 93% of the total budgeted revenue in 2013. So many multinational companies have done oil agreements with Iraq government. On the other hand, the Iraq government is busy in adding more and more development projects for the restoration of infrastructure, minimizing unemployment, providing basic necessities to their citizens and enhancing the living standards of their people. Continue reading

Italy and KRG re planning for Future Trade projects

italy and krgItalian ambassador to Baghdad Massimo Manuti addressed a forum on Thursday, 6th of June 2013 which was attended by Shafaq News reporter. The Shafq News reporter told that Italy is very keen to start various development projects with the Kurdistan Regional Government in the near future. The Italian ambassador wishes to exploit all the fertile and golden opportunities of business in the KRG. Continue reading

Erbil-Baghdad Oil Conflicts

erbil baghdad oilThe mutual agreements on a single point agenda is yet to be confirmed by the Iraq government officials, but the efforts are being made to resolve these issues. Shafaq News reported on the 12th of June 2013 that even after the joint sessions of the officials of the federal government of Iraq and Kurdistan Regional Government, nothing has been agreed between the two parties. That confirmation came from the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs when he announced that the Federal government of Iraq could not find any mutually agreed solution with the KRG officials on the lasting issue of operating oil company’s dues. Continue reading

Japan will Lend Iraq $1.2b for Oil Refinery and Railways

japan oil iraqThe international community is helping Iraq in constructing new infrastructures and enhancing economic growth. Various development projects are in progress in Baghdad and other provinces. For the development of the entire sectors infrastructure is the basic requirement. Iraq Business News reporter John Lee has told that Japan will lend $1.2b (120b yen) to Iraq for the railways and oil refinery and rebuild a port. Continue reading

Amendments in Security Act are Needed

Iraq Stock Exchange ISE started work in 2004 for the first time. The initial work was done manually whereas tracing screen deal adopted in 2009. Many sectors have been traded in the ISE including agricultural companies, hotel, industrial firm and insurance companies and most importantly banking sectors. The banking sector is still the largest in the Iraq Stock Exchange. Continue reading

Auction for Giant Nassiriya Oil Fields in Iraq

oil fields in iraqCurrent pace of getting the oil agreements done under the current political scenario of Iraq is really an achievement for the Maliki government. Now the Iraq critics can easily be countered by showing all the statistics of the ongoing development projects in many provinces of Iraq. A number of multinational companies have done several oil agreements which are the clear evidence of the right direction of the country. Continue reading

Sudan is Dreaming to import Iraqi Oil on Credit

sudan import oil iraqDinar Deals Alert / There are talks going on between Sudanese Minister of Investment and high officials of Iraq Oil Minister about the oil exports to Sudan. Sudan was earning its revenues from oil reserves, but after the split of Southern Sudan in 2011, things have become tougher for Sudan to meet all domestic oil needs. On the 5th of June 2013, the investment Minister of Sudan confirmed that as a result of bilateral negotiations Iraq will export oil to Sudan on credit. Continue reading

Head of Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council in Maysan Province

iraqi council ammar al-hakimDinar Deals Alert has posted update on its News page regarding Ammar al-Hakim`s visit to Mayson Province. According to Dinar Deals Alert, Ammar al-Hakim, the head of the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council has paid a visit to MaysomProvince and addressed a ceremony over there. Continue reading