Rise The General Index of Iraqi Securities Market

Iraq NewsTomorrow’s Press / Baghdad: general index of the Iraqi market for securities in session, Wednesday, fourth meetings this week by 0.27 percent, reaching 110.44 points compared with 110.14 points, had scored in the previous session.

Reporter said, “Tomorrow’s Press,” The special bulletin market She explained that the number of shares traded in this session amounted to one billion and 225.814 million shares worth more than one billion and 998.279 million dinars, achieved through the implementation of 503 contract traded.

He said, the number of companies traded in today’s session stood at 46 out of 73 companies listed electronically, shares of 20 companies, including a decline in the shares of 15 companies and 11 companies maintained their rates unchanged. Continue reading

Central Bank Doing Necessary Arrangements For Protection Iraqi Currency

Iraq NewsCentral confirms the continuation of talks to put the necessary arrangements for the protection of Iraq’s money own
Tomorrow’s Press / Baghdad confirmed Iraqi Central Bank Governor Abdul-Basit Turki, Monday, that the talks lasted over two days between the representatives of Iraq and the IMF and the World Bank on the subject of protection of Iraqi funds abroad and the end of its period of international protection.

He said Turkish for “tomorrow’s Press,” said that “Iraq was held over the past two days of meetings with the IMF and World Bank Aldollin while still discussions going on between the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank with financial advisers and legal international to put the necessary arrangements for the fact that Iraq is solely responsible for the protection of his own money.

He stressed that “the twenty-second of the month of May will be the next expiry date of the international protection of Iraqi funds,” pointing to “the need for a complete mechanism to ensure the protection of Iraqi funds Iraq by addressing the Government of Iraq to the outstanding issues inherited from the previous regime and settled for files debts and claims of financial and commercial contracts. Continue reading

Iraq And Bulgaria Lieberman a New Agreement For Air Transport Services

Iraq NewsBaghdad / term Presse revealed the Bulgarian media about the agreement and the ministries of transport Bulgarian and Iraqi forces on the signing of a new document for bilateral cooperation in the field of air transport services, as shown that this agreement will boost air transport and give way to open new lines and daily flights to Baghdad, confirmed that the agreement included cooperation between the two airlines Bulgarian and Iraqi forces.

Said Sofia News Agency that “the Deputy Minister of Transport of Bulgaria Anton Geneva agreed on the eighth of this month with his Iraqi counterpart banks Rikan a new document for bilateral cooperation in the field of air transport services. Continue reading

Iraq is Preparing to Offer a Program of The World Bank For a Loan And Bridging The Budget Deficit

Iraq NewsTomorrow’s Press / Baghdad: Minister of Finance Agency purity of net debt, Sunday, that Iraq is preparing to offer a program of the World Bank purports it to get a loan to bridge the shortfall in the budget for the current year, while noting that there are talks with the bank to provide financial liquidity for projects in the absence of provided by the government.

Safi said for “tomorrow’s Press,” that “there is a possibility that facing liquidity difficulties as a result of the deficit of significant progress in the current year’s budget will affect the continued operation of the strategic projects carried out in Iraq,” noting that “Iraq will progress during the spring meetings of the IMF and World Bank international meeting held in Washington DC, a program of the World Bank for a loan to fill this deficit. Continue reading

Shahristani And The Korean Company Kocaz Discuss Its Developments in Iraq

Iraq NewsDeputy Prime Minister for Energy Hussain al-Shahristani today with the CEO of the South Korean Kocaz May Ngenam how business developments implemented by the company in Iraq and the obstacles facing their business.

A statement of his press office for “praising the work of the company and its contractual obligations” and expressed his willingness to overcome the obstacles and problems facing the company’s business in Iraq, and to address the difficulties faced by its business in the gas field crutch. Continue reading

Seeking to Export 300 Million Barrels Oil in World Markets During Current Year

Iraq NewsSeeking to export (300) million barrels of oil to world markets during the current year
Baghdad (news) .. Announced the Iraqi Oil Ministry, Iraq sought to export 300 million barrels to world markets during the current year.

Said Oil Minister Abdul Karim and coffee on the sidelines of the conference, Turkey International Oil and Gas: Iraq aims to sell 300 million barrels of oil this year to international markets, increase the amount of oil that the chest in the last year increased by 4 million barrels. Continue reading

CBI Re-Print Banknotes Prevent Fraud & Iraqi Dinar Value

Iraqi Dinar NewsCentral Bank of Iraq Re-Printed Banknotes to Prevent Fraud And to Enable The Blind to Know The Value of Iraqi Dinar
Baghdad / term: Central Bank of Iraq, on Tuesday for re-printing the banknotes Iraqi pictures of new and superior protection, while pointing out that the currency will continue to be traded now, and stressed that the new currency will help the blind to see the value of these categories.

The bank said in a statement yesterday that he “re-print the new series of banknotes Iraqi and currently circulating pictures of new and superior protection, using a good quality of printing paper, with the inclusion of the two dates Islamic and Gregorian calendars and sign the central bank governor Agency Abdul Basit Turki Saeed, with the addition of some security tags, “adding that” the banknotes current will continue trading with new and will not be pulling rolling them now or in the future.

The statement added that “the categories of the 250, 500 and 1,000 dinars were added to signs of a new security upon which bristles color visible and invisible signs circular for the visually impaired (blind), in addition to coating the banknotes paint shield to protect it from dust, as well as a string ensure width of 1.2 mm. Continue reading

Net Declares Iraq’s Intention to Buy More Gold in The Coming Months

Iraq NewsThe Minister of Finance Agency purity of net debt, on Tuesday, Iraq’s intention to buy more gold in the coming months to support investment plans.

Safi said in a press statement on the sidelines of a meeting of Arab finance ministers in Tunisia that the Iraqi Central Bank may buy more gold in the coming months based on the needs of the investment.

The CBI said in a statement that he had bought 36 tonnes of gold last month in an effort to stabilize the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against other currencies.

This was the first purchases in addition to Iraq’s reserves of gold since it has increased its holdings by 23.9 tons in August / August 2012, according to data from the International Monetary Fund. Continue reading

Alabboudh Demanding: Declare The Deputies Names From Budget Meetings

Iraq NewsAlabboudh Demanding The Presidency of The Parliament to Declare The Names of The Deputies From Private Meetings Budget

Confirmed the MP for the coalition of state law Rehab Alabboudh that ‘the Iraqi people will be held accountable for the weakness of his service through the ballot boxes for the forthcoming parliamentary elections.

Alabboudh said in a statement received by the agency “WAM” that the ‘lack of continuity of parliamentary hearings for the public to read the budget and approval is clear evidence and concrete blocks on the existence of political and parliamentary figures does not want good for the people of the country’. Continue reading

Central Bank Sells $153 Million Auction Sunday

CBI AuctionRecord CBI sales of dollar exceeded 153.207 million dollars at an auction on Sunday, on the sale and purchase of foreign currencies, the exchange rate stable at 1166 dinars per dollar.

Explained special bulletin ERA on Sunday that the aggregate demand for the dollar distributed by 8,000,345 thousand dollars and the exchange rate at KD 1190 dinars per dollar, including the commission of the bank for cash sales, amounting to 24 dinars per dollar, while the value of foreign remittances 144.862 million dollars and the exchange rate was 1187 dinars per dollar, including the commission of the Iraqi Central Bank, amounting to 21 dinars for Every dollar. Continue reading